I’m there for you.

Blink away all the tears,

Make space for some love.

You know I’m there for you,

Even if you don’t want.

Give me your sadness,

Give me worries,

I’m there for you,

Even if you don’t want.

You haven’t blinked an eye in sometime,

Go have rest,

I’m there for you,

Even if you don’t want.

Go live a little,

Go breath under the sun,

For the clouds won’t last forever,


I’m there for you,

Even if you don’t want.


When you wouldn’t let me go

Do you remember the last Summer?

The wind was blazing,

The sun was subtly making way for the clouds,

The birds chirped like never before.

The leaves rustled under the moving vehicles,

It was about to rain.

Do you remember that walk down the lane?

Our hands brushed,

Hearts went wild,

Our eyes met,

A smile graced on our lips,

We talked less and heard to the unsaid words,

Your arms slowly enveloped me,

Our heads looked down at the floor,

We avoided eye contact,

And kept getting close.

There was magic in the air,

We said I love you to each other.

Do you remember,

It was when you wouldn’t let me go..

Brewing it right

I snooze my alarm and go back to sleep only to be woken up again by it. God, it’s 15 minutes already? Sighing, I wake up and come out of my bed. I go the the toilet and do my business and come out and glance into the mirror. My hairs stick out in all directions, my eyes baggy, sleep still evident in them. I rub off the sleep from my eyes as I splash some cold water on them. I squeeze out some oaste on to my brush and start cleaning my teeth, as my other hand stays busy, scrolling my phone looking at the messages from the previous night. I keep away my phone as I clean my mouth with water and then floss my teeth and clean my tongue. I feel a little fresh now and I head into the kitchen, to grab my tonic.

Looking around, I search for a pan and pour some water in it. Switching the gas on, I keep the pan to heat it and start gather lots of ng everything that I would need to make it taste delicious. I grab some mint leaves and add them. Then I mince the ginger piece, take some sugar, some tea leaves, tea powder, cinnamon powder, peppercorns, cardomom powder and put it all in the boiling water.

“Hmmm..” this smells good, making me wanting to down it in one shot but stop myself from doing so. I let the water boil for few minutes and then add some milk into it. Perfect! This looks so good, its all red and brewing well, like it should. It’s almost ready. I sieve it and pour it in my mug.

Amazing, just the way I like it! You should try it sometimes, I’m sure you’d like it too.

That smile..

He looked at the picture in front of him and stared. Bright round eyes.. Black eyes that said a million stories; the pointed nose with sharp edges and a shiny tip; round smooth cheeks with some strands of hair covering one side of her face and cute dimples popping slightly through them; those luscious pink lips that were so full and inviting as some pearl white of teeth peeped through, as a light smile was evident in the picture. That smile.. Innocent, lively, attractive, simple. So simple! It light up the picture.

He kept looking at the picture for quiet sometime and slowly his fingers traced it’s outline, as his face cracked a smile and a lone tear fall through his eyes. His heart ached as he thought back about her smile,the one that would make him weak in the bones. It used to be so infectious, so full of life that it would never fail to make him smile, no matter how much angry he was. His eyes watered more as he realized that he would never be able to see that face, that smile.. The one that had made way for many emotions, that were lost, locked somewhere deep, deep, down, where no one ever dared to walk. He longed for her smile, he longed to be touched, to be read, to be loved. He longed for the smile that was no longer his to call.

A preschool teacher’s worry..

A look in the mirror and my shoulders slumped in defeat. Hairs flying in all the direction, eyes puffy and tired, face drained of all colours, my clothes not so perfect now. I walk towards the washroom when my eyes fall on little Samihan stiring in his sleep. I walk up to see if he’s getting up and indeed he is. I smile as he look up at me with his tiny eyes, recognition registered immediately. His lips turn downwards as his about to cry, making other children wake up. I quickly pick him up and walk around the room, patting his back soothingly. He’s quiet and smiling now. I smile back and talk to him for a while. I look at the clock and I know it’s time for the elder children to come to the school, and I sigh as I offer him some water and smile.

It isn’t easy, when you’re surrounded by 20 children around you in the age group that is so delicate that you can not even raise your voice and get your work done, because they have their own moods, their own decisions that they want to be followed. Calming them and then engaging them in something meaningful and constructive, keeping in mind that no fights erupt or none of them are left behind isn’t very easy, afterall.

But at the end of the day, when they come and hug you, when you’re absent and they cry to be with you, they come to tell you how much they missed you.. It’s all worth.. It’s all worth of all the efforts taken. Just to see that one smile, just to see them happy and going; I would… I would keep doing it all over again. No job is as rewarding as being a preschool teacher is…for you build hope, you build dreams, you encourage confidence, you push their limits, you love endless, you give it all.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all!